SignBlazer software Settings

Cut Vinyl settings, under Cutter Button

Set Mirror checkbox if will be applying Vinyl to inside of window and want it to be read from outside of vehicle. Tiles ( tiles are the set of cuts) can be adjusted by sliding the Blue lines so letters are not split into two pieces. Then under Setup Button.
Cutter Refine MH721, Port: Blazer – Com8—USB-Serial (example)

Set vinyl width to 22” for 24” wide (so has room for rollers)

Cutter Setting

Should cut, not tare, give clean cuts only cutting the vinyl not the backing paper. 50 psi pressure, and speed of 24 is a good start. Test the pressure on the vinyl that will be being used. Test using test about 1” tall so not much vinyl is wasted.
To set start location: press the Enter button, then press the Select button, that will set the location to Current on the screen. Then use the side to side arrows to set the start point clear of the Rollers.

Purchased Stock

Oracal 651G-031 (Red) (24” x 10 Yards)
Oracal 5300 (Reflective White) (24” x 10 Yards) – Sign 63 Psi -works well