2006 ToolCat/Bobcat
Diesel Fuel Only
Only use in low gear, Do Not Use Rabbit mode

Check hydraulic oil level every hour, should be visible in clear inspection site bubble

put isntructions for releving hydrolice preesher

Operator Manual Parts Manual Service Manual Engine Manual

Remove Negative cable before welding on loader

Wiper sizes are

Driver Side 28"
Passenger Side 24"

Tire Valve Stem
TR501 Brass Valve
Ebay about $2.00 each

Tires look into tires from Discount Tries, Fix Flats for free

2-2018_main_belt_replace.pdf 08/2017 Replaced Batery - 2 year Replacement warranty 12/2016 Not Moving- no hydroic power - after overloading 1/2015 Radator fan replacement

See the drip on the bottom Click to see filter change video

Access Fuel Filter from the underneath the mashing, it is between the two seats in a small hole just above a skid plate

Service center / Dealer
1160 McCabe Ave
Elk GRove Village

M-F 7 AM - 4:30 PM
Sat - Sun, Closed