9555 Foster Ave, Schiller Park

M-F Complete by 6:00 AM
Saturday Complete by 6:00 AM

Sidewalks - Shovling & Salt

Shovel ALL sidewalks. Traget complet time is 6:30 AM

Shovel sidewalks again between 11:30 AM & 1:00 pm if more then 1.5" biulds up during show dates.

Always apply rock salt on sidewalks after shovling, salt and shovel is in yellow lock boxs.

Salting - Lot

Apply Rock Salt in docks off of Winona after every plowing and as need for icy conditions.

During shows - *** Salt Lot if need during this dates must be bfore 6:30 Am, Bob must text Mark to get ok to put down low temp blend

Show Dates 2018-2019 Season: Dec 2-6, Jan 6-9, Feb 10-13


Boulders & Fire Hydrant off of Winona side

Hydrant off of bushes by docks

Eletrical Boxes and boulder by dock and street

Eletrical Boxes and boulder

Eletrical box in grass

Controls for gate

Eletrical Box off of Winona at corner of property

Eletrical - Motor box for gate

Hydrant out of wall

Eletrical box on wall by door

Hydrant off of sidewalk

Blue/plow * Red/storage * Yellow/Sidwalks

New Video needed

YouTube Video
Moving / Deep Snow

Ongoing aways push back snow into grass on east side to make room for next storm. Never let the front tires leave the pavement. Nothing in place with client to remove snow.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving day
Christmas eve & day
New Years day
updated 11/8/2017