The Structural Shop
9601 River St, Schiller Park

M-F Complete by 5:00 AM
Saturday Complete by 5:00 AM, Sunday closed


NO Salt -Client will call us if they want salt


No snow is to be put in the West / South corner of the front lot. All snow in front lot is to go to north side of the lot away from there building.

No snow is to be bushed into the bushes along the East side of the building

NEED pic of bushes on side and corner in front where no snow gose

Watch for large parking blocks are always moving, when snow is deep or in a blizzard snow can go hear.

Watch for 2 large parking blocks at entrence to front parking lot, & big dock Curb

Dock curb, watch dont drive off of edge, Never do the dock during the storm only do the dock when it has over 4 inches and all other jobs are done in case we get stuck, and always when two people are working never alone

Dock curb, watch dont drive off of edge

Watch for steel I beams in ground & attached chains, Whenever possible push the snow all the way back to the trees past the I beams. If the ground is not frozen then just push it just off the edge of the pavement

Blue/plow * Red/storage

YouTube Video
Moving / Deep Snow

This is the locations where the snow should go if we have a blizzard or it gets deep from multiple storms before it can be removed.

When ground is frozen move snow to the back by the trees if it is at the edge of the blacktop and clear out snow that is next to the street.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving day
Black Friday
Christmas eve & day
Friday 12/23/2016
Monday 12/26/2016
New Years eve & day
Monday 1/2/2017