Lawrenece Screw Products
7230 W Willson Av, Harwood Hts

M-F Complete by 4:00 AM the Lot usually empty by 6:30 PM
Saturday Complete by 4:00 AM the Lot usually empty by 12:00 Noon, Sunday Closed

Street Entrence off of Willson Av


Salt before storms, after plowing and as need for a few days after each snow storm. 250# average


No snow is to be put in by the fence next to the docks, Start by back drag this corner pulling the snow away from the building

A 9 foot plow will fit between eletric pole and parking blocks in front of building just go very slow

Put snow between the parking blocks and the curb to the west of the lot. Don’t let the snow come out more than one foot past the blocks but also don't push past the curb. Pack the snow slowly

Once the parking block along the west of the lot are full. Put the rest of the snow from the front in the Northwest corner of the lot, pack it as snugly and carefully as you can along the yellow poles, you can push it past the poles but do it gently and do not damage the fence.

Clean all the way to the back curb that divides the ally and parking lot. Push the snow to the East or West must be cleaned to the curb

In the back push all the snow to the east, pack what you can between the power pole and the building, very slow and carfully. Then the rest just in front of the sidewalk. Do not put snow on the sidewalk.

Blue/plow * Red/storage

YouTube Video
Removing-Deep Snow

All snow in parking spots are to be trucked away within 72 hours after plowing. NOTE: the low hanging wires in back if you are loading snow

This is the locations where the snow should go if we have a blizzard or it gets deep from multiple storms before it can be removed.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving day
Black Friday
Christmas eve & day
New Years eve & day

Setup Instructions

Install 72” Driveway markers on every other parking lot stripping along in front of parking blocks on west side of lot.

Make srue reflective tape is on and in good shape on the poles of Chain link fencing next to dock

Make sure reflective tape is in place and in good shape on Power utility pole in front

Make sure reflective tape is in place and in good shape on Power utility pole in back & low hanging wires in front of the sidewalk have bright ribbon on them

Install “Door may open suddenly” signs on the two doors in the North parking lot