E.S.P.E Manufacturing Co.
9220 Ivanhoe St, Schiller Park

M-F Complete by 5:00 AM usually empty by 6:30 PM

Saturday Complete by 5:00 AM usually empty by 12:00 Noon, Sunday Closed


NO Salt -Client will call us if they want salt


Dock on west side in front, Boulders, Eletrical Box, and ramp to man door, just back drag this area into the street then to the sides

Boulder at edge of drive

Boulders at edge of driveway to lot

Stay clear of the gutters all along the building they have been hit once already

Dumpsters stick out into lot some times, stay away

Back overhead door, Don't let the snow come out to the overhead door. Back drag and push the snow to the front if it will be blocking the door.

If plowing with laoders, dont push blade more then a foot past the top of the curb, SEE GAS LINES to the build in front of the curb

Clean all the way to the curb to the East

This is where the snow gose from the front east side of the lot, pack it up to the bushes. It is ok if it comes out and takes up several parking spaces. Statring with the handcaped space, don't let it go out into the driveway

Blue/plow * Red/storage

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Moving Snow

When snow gets within 4 feet of overhead door snow is to be put up and over the curb in the back with a loader and bucket, and put the snow in the front of the lot in the grass with the loader. Don't drive on the grass just dump it of the sides of the driveway into the grass so the tires don't damage the grass.

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Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving day
Black Friday
Christmas eve & day
Friday 12/23/2016
Monday 12/26/2016
New Years eve & day
Monday 1/2/2017