2015 BWize Dump Trailer

Registration Card

Remove Negative cable before welding on trailer


Inside dimensions: 82" wide X 191" Long

Check hydraulic oil level before each use

Check wheel nut torque 75 Ft Lbs

Tire Pressure 110 PSI

Spoke with Sam from Dextor on 10/17/2018 the company that make the break actuator used on the trailer. I spoke with him about the problems with the Ram factory and the P3 break controller. He indicated to me that it is most likely a wiring problem with the trailer side. Check for shorting between Black & Blue wire, and the Black & yellow. None of the 4 wires should be shorted to each other at all. The Blue wire from the Break Controller going to the trailer should never have more than a 2 amp draw it is only a trigger wire, the Black wire is the wire that feeds the High amps to the break Actuator and that comes from the Battery on board the Trailer and the Power feed wire from the truck that charges the Battery. If the Breakaway is pulled, then the High amp draw would come from the yellow wire once the power passes through the Breakaway switch that is powers by the battery.

Quick test of Break Actuator is to pull the Breakaway switch, should be done before 6-month safety sticker test. Should hear the Break Actuator running load and clear…

He is the one that sent the Dector Break Actuator to Ram’s Body builder team, He told me that the Factory break controller for Ram truck has been tested and does work with Dextor Break Actuators.


2” round led red lights,
from Amazon 2 for $9.00 on 7/1/2016 Part # CL-22120-R