2018 14' Contour X Sectional Pusher By Avalanch

Ser. # 1810-2760
Model: CTX30-14
Purchased 10/18/2018

Manuals & Guides
Parts diagram
Daily Maintenance

Check for damaged or loose parts

Pre & Post Season Checklist

Check for damaged or loose parts

Spray with fluid film coating

Spare Parts

Spare parts in stock as of 12/20/2018

2 Torsion springs part# CAA032

4 Lower Link Arm Part# CAC218

4 Upper Link Arm Part# CAC232

14 Cutting Edge ( 7 per set) Part# CAB998

Parts want to get in stock

Channel Hinge Key Part # CAC113

Repairs & Modification

Attachment plated needs to be modified for fit JCB units tighter

Tools Required
Reference photos
Side and back view
Dealer Info

Ledex Industries, division of
Adepot Technologies Corp.