Chucking Machine Products
3550 Birch St, Franklin Park

M-F Complete by 5:00 AM

Saturday Complete by 5:00 AM the Lot usually empty by 12:00 Noon, Sunday Closed


NO Salt -Client will call us if they want salt


Boulders in Grass

Power pole and steel pipes

Patio furniture

Fire hydrant and steel pipes

Gas Meter

Tree roots pushing up blacktop

Smoker receptacles along back of build in bigger lot

High Curb along north side of property, pole at entrence

Blue/plow * Red/storage

YouTube Video
Moving / Deep Snow

This is the locations where the snow should go if we have a blizzard or it gets deep from multiple storms.

Nothing in place with client to remove snow.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving day
Black Friday
Christmas eve & day
Friday 12/23/2016
Monday 12/26/2016
New Years eve & day
Monday 1/2/2017