9509 W Winona Ave, Schiller Park

M-F Complete by 4:30 AM

Saturday Complete by 4:30 AM, Sunday closed


Salt as needed 250# average, No salt on satuday or sunday moring to save money company closed on weekend.

Send Email notification when done salting( Bob Brunet only for now).


Push most of the snow to the side of the Garage behind the dumpsters, but stay 10 feet away from the Garage.

Do not push snow up against the building to the East of the Lot, only push to about 2 feet from the edge of the lot, use the orange ribion on the fence as a guild.

Close and lock gate when done before 4:00 AM if after 4:00 Am leave Gate Open .

Boulders along egde of grass

Boulder and curb along edge of grass

Electrical box

Electrical box

boulders along grass edge

Electrical box on pole

Blue/plow * Red/storage

needs new Video

Moving / Deep Snow

Nothing in place with client to remove snow.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving day
Black Friday
Sat 12/24/2016 to Sun 1, 2017